Rivers West

Vision 2030 Plan for the Red River Corridor

Rivers West, in partnership with CDEM and a multitude of Red River corridor stakeholders, are pleased to unveil the results of over one year of work to develop a Vision Plan for the Corridor. The firm of Scatliff + Miller + Murray were hired to research, compile data, and lead community consultations to capture the important elements exist in the communities, and what projects and tourism strategies need to be undertaken between now and 2030 to create a destination of the Red River Corridor. 

Rivers West Vision 2030

Plan maitre vision 2030

Subsequent to Rivers West's launched in the spring of 2012 of its Water on the Land – Sustainable Stormwater Management Guide numerous users were asking for complementary teaching tools that could very quickly educate persons on the water cycle and what stormwater is and can be managed.  

As a result, Rivers West applied for a grant to the Winnipeg Foundation to create a video-clip and is very grateful to them and all project committee members who have contributed in the development of this entertaining educational resource .

‘This short three minute video has been created by Build Films in an entertaining, yet informative and educational fashion that can be viewed quickly from anywhere. “There are important facts about water, and solutions to stormwater management that are outlined in this video.  Megan Krohn, Water Caucus Program Manager for Manitoba Eco-Network and member of the project committee, notes that ‘’this video looks and sounds great yet passes on important messages that describe well the water cycle and stormwater management.’’

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