Water Supply

Water Supply is an important goal outlined in the Red River Basin Commission's

Natural Resource Framework Plan. 


RRBC has a Working Group that is

dedicated to Water Supply.

RRBC works with stakeholders to ensure that there is adequate and safe water supply for

all the residents in the Red River Basin.

Their Mission Statement; 

Facilitate understanding and education of stakeholders throughout the basin on the potential for drought or other emergency water supply conditions; and ensure that the local plans have been coordinated regionally or from a basin wide perspective.

This Working Group has membership/participation representing

Manitoba, Minnesota, North Dakota and US Federal:​​

  • Minnesota

      - ​MN Pollution Control Agency

      - Department of Natural Resources

      - East Grand Forks

      - Moorhead

  • North Dakota

       - ​State Water Commission

       - Grand Forks

       - Fargo

       - Red River Valley Water Supply

  • Manitoba

       - Pembina Valley Water Co-op​

       - Sustainable Development

  • US Federal

       - National Weather Service

       - US Corps of Engineers

         Our Water Supply Working Group Team;

          ....listing of all regular participants, with agency.....

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