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About the Red River Basin Commission

The Red River Basin is a special place and keeping it that way requires that people share the responsibility for its future.  The RRBC has been bringing people together to move common Basin goals forward for over two decades. 

The RRBC is a charitable, not-for-profit organization designed to help facilitate a cooperative approach to water management within the Basin and is a well-established forum for identifying, developing, and implementing solutions to crossboundary issues.  
The RRBC is led by 41 directors representing the diversity of this multi-jurisdictional Basin and is comprised of local, state, provincial, and First Nation government representation, the environmental community, and at-large members.  It maintains offices in Fargo, ND and Winnipeg, MB and is dedicated to innovation in the management of the Red River Basin’s water resources.
RRBC Officers
Brian Holmer.jpg




Dave Piepkorn.jpg



Vice Chair






Board of Directors
RRBC Board of Directors & Alternates


MB Municipalities

Marvin Plett / Chad Collins

Sandra Strang / Debbie Fiebelkorn

Charles Posthumus / Brian Imhoff

Don Wiebe / Hank Froese

MB Cities

Markus Chambers / Jeff Browaty

Larry Johannson / Doug Poirier

MB Water Co-Op

Greg Archibald / Jake Fehr

MB Environmental

Dimple Roy / Walter McTavish

MB Provincial

Chris Propp / Jason Senyk

Nicole Armstrong / Mark Lee

Andrea McLean / Brian Wilson

Mel Klassen / Vacant

MB At-Large

Gavin van der Linde / Vacant


MN Counties

Gary Kiesow / Roger Falk

Ron Staples / Jay Backer

MN Cities

Curt Johannsen / Vacant

Shelly Carlson / Vacant

Brian Holmer / Wayne Johnson

MN Watersheds

John Finney / Greg Holmvik / Rob Sip

LeRoy Ose/ Linda Vavra

MN Environmental

Vacant / Vacant

MN State

Katrina Kessler / Theresa Haugen   

Sarah Strommen / Theresa Ebbenga

John Jaschke / Henry Van Offelen

Thom Petersen / Martha Josephson

MN At-Large

Morrie Lanning /Vacant

South Dakota

SD At-Large

Vacant / Vacant

SD State

Vacant / Vacant

First Nations/Tribal

Geoff Reimer, Southern Chiefs' Organization 

Christa Monette, Turtle Mountain Bank of Chippewa

Monica Hedstrom, White Earth Reservation

Federal Representatives - Ex Officio

Kevin Wilson / Aaron Snyder

Amanda Lee

Dale Hutchison

John Oosterveen

Ex Officio

Rep. Armstrong - 

Sen. Cramer - Michael Kelsch

Sen. Hoeven - Jessica Lee

Sen.  Smith - Carson Ouellette

Sen. Klobuchar - Andy Martin

Sen. Fischbach - Calvin Benson

Sen. Rounds -

Sen. Thune - Judy Vrchota

M.P. James Bezan

Sen. Larry Luick

RRBC Staff
Canada Office Staff

Rebecca Trowell ~ North Basin Manager

Tammy Busceti  ~ Office Administrator/Project Assistant

203-1111 Munroe Ave.

Winnipeg, MB R2K 3Z5

Ph: 204-982-7250

North Dakota

ND Counties

Mary Scherling / Lawrence Burianek

Vacant / Maynard Loibl

ND Cities

Al Grasser / Vacant

Dave Piepkorn / Denise Kolpack

Vacant / Vacant

ND Water Resource Districts

Keith Weston / Josh Ihry

Ben Varnson / Gary Thompson

ND Environmental

Ryan Taylor / Carmen Miller

ND State

Dave Glatt / Karl Rockeman

Andrea Travnicek / Pat Fridgen / Cory Drevecky

Terry Steinwand / Scott Peterson

Doug Goehring / Jessie Pfaff

ND At-Large

Jason Benson/ Vacant

Executive Committee

Brian Holmer, MN, Chair

Dave Piepkorn, ND, Vice Chair

Marvin Plett, MB, Sec./Treas.

Gavin van der Linde, MB, Past Chair

Mary Scherling, ND, Past Chair

Vacant, MN

Greg Archibald, MB

Nicole Armstrong, MB

Andrea Travnicek, ND

John Finney, MN

John Jaschke, MN

Southern Chiefs' Organization - First Nations/Tribal

Vacant, ND

Vacant, SD

RRBC Staff
US Office Staff

Ted Preister ~ Executive Director

Julie Goehring ~ South Basin Manager

Stacey Lundberg ~ Conference and Outreach Coordinator

Rita Hval ~ Financial/Administrative Assistant

1120 28th Ave. N., Suite C

Fargo, ND  58102

Ph:  701-356-3183

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