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Donations "In Memoriam"
White Flowers

Sincere thanks for these thoughtful gifts given In Memoriam;


  • Donation gifted In Memory of Milt Arneson

  • Donation from Bud Oliver, gifted In Memory of Hetty Walker

You can help us in our Vision!

"A Red River Basin where residents, organizations and governments work together to achieve basin-wide commitment to comprehensive integrated watershed stewardship and management."

Donations may be given to the Red River Basin Commission, to our endowments, to our organization's various funds or 

to our Netley Marsh Restoration project directly.

Please see below for these various options of giving. 

RRBC US Donors
North Dakota Donors

Please call us at the RRBC Fargo office as there are extra tax benefits for North Dakota Residents.

We would like to ensure that we connect with donors to ensure that all tax deductions are properly documented. 

We can be reached at 701-356-3183 or

Minnesota Donors - Endowment Fund

The Red River Basin Commission Permanent Endowment Fund was established to support the Red River Basin Commission, a 501(c)(3) charity whose mission is to facilitate a cooperative approach to water management with the Red River Basin. They provide a forum for identifying, developing, and implementing solutions to cross-boundary issues. With offices in Fargo, ND, and Winnipeg, MB, they represent local, state, provincial, and First Nation government interests.

RRBC Canadian Donors
Canadian Donors - Endowment Fund

This fund, which is professionally managed by The Winnipeg Foundation, is a permanent endowment fund established by Red River Basin Commission Inc. It will provide secure and stable funds for the RRBC to continue to move forward - today, tomorrow and for many years to follow.

RRBC - GiveToday

 The Red River Basin is a special place and keeping it that way requires that people share the responsibility for its future. The RRBC brings people together to move common Basin goals forward. 

Square RRBC Logo 1018.png

Choose a RRBC fund and give a one-time donation today or

become one of our Monthly Donors!

Save Netley Marsh

Netley-Libau Marsh Restoration Pilot Project

Netley-Libau Marsh is one of Manitoba's key ecosystems and the largest freshwater coastal wetland in North America. However, throughout the past century, the condition of Netley-Libau Marsh has substantially deteriorated, such that it is no longer a healthy functional wetland providing the suite of ecological goods and services that it has historically. 

Want to help us save

Netley-Libau Marsh?

Become a "Friend of the Marsh" today! 

Also, we invite you to click here to see our

"Friends of the Marsh" wall of generous donors

on our Save Netley Marsh website!

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