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Seedlings in Pots


Hi friends of the Red River Basin Commission, 

Are you interested in giving a gift that keeps on growing and giving well into the future?

These funds help us to continue working together to achieve common goals for water protection and water management within the Red River Basin. 

The Red River Basin Commission has been actively pursuing grass roots solutions

to Red River challenges for almost four decades. 

As part of the Board of Directors' goal to sustain the organization into the future,

a permanent endowment was created in 2020. 

The initial fund was established in the United States and can be a full charitable donation.

The U.S. endowment was funded with contributions

that have been made over the last several years.

With sincere gratitude, we announce that contributions have been made

in memoriam to a former member of the RRBC Family (Milt Arneson) -

as listed below in our "In Memoriam" wall. 


We are very pleased to share that the Red River Basin Commission has recently established

an additional Endowment Fund and now those that wish to donate to the RRBC,
in Canada, can help us with our Vision...
"A Red River Basin where residents, organizations and governments

work together to achieve basinwide commitment to comprehensive

integrated watershed stewardship and management."

Similarly to the U.S. endowment, the Canadian endowment was funded

with contributions made over the last several years. 

This fund, which is professionally managed by The Winnipeg Foundation,

will provide secure and stable funds for the RRBC to continue to move forward - today, tomorrow and for many years to follow.




The Board is in the process of establishing long term policies for the use of proceeds

to further the goals laid out in the Natural Resource Framework Plan (NRFP)

as well as a capital campaign to grow the endowments in both the United States and Canada. 


As you are planning your estate or considering your annual tax liability,

we would love to discuss if there was a way to secure tax benefits

or matching contributions. We would be happy to explore funding of particular goals

in the NRFP or any partnerships that would support mutual goals.  

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Donations "In Memoriam" Wall
White Flowers

Sincere thanks for these thoughtful gifts given In Memoriam

  • Donation gifted In Memory of Milt Arneson

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